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You know your business best.......we know how best to sell it. 

You’ll want to work with someone you can trust implicitly, who’s been through the business washer themselves and has felt the highs and lows, someone you can form an easy working relationship with and someone who’s going to add real value to the sale process…Richard is that partner.

Richard brings a strong background in many different business sectors which added to the collective experience and skills of our analysts, legal, business consultants and senior management gives you a great resource. He will bring his skills to bear to help position your business for sale, excite the market about its potential and get the result you want.

Richard will start by showing you what your business might be worth by giving you an appraisal of your business, its assets and opportunities - email or call Richard now. 

About Richard

A shareholder, business leader and strategist across many successful businesses in numerous sectors - food, manufacturing, professional services and communications.

He has a strong skill set around marketing and the role and value of brands to a business, its consumers and most importantly its future owners.

He is someone who is intensely curious about the world, likes to understand what makes people tick, an early adopter of technology, a keen student of consumer trends and resulting business innovation, a traveller keen to discover new places, cultures and their history.

Outside of work, close family are the centre of his universe, a volunteer and charitable supporter of those causes important to him and he makes the time to mentor young people in the hope he can help them find their best selves in an ever more challenging world. 

Location: Auckland

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