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About Michael

Prior to joining ABC, Michael has had 25 years of local and international commercial involvement in manufacturing, distribution and marketing. He has run companies involving reporting to shareholders and other stakeholders, and operated his own entities. He has experience in strategic and business management both domestically as well as internationally (US and the EC).

Michael has worked as Director of Operations for van Rossum Fabrics (makers of knitwear for such companies as YSL, H&M, etc), and been a Director at NWPB (US owner of New Zealand vineyards and a winery). He has also filled distribution and marketing roles for Vintage imports (based in the USA) which distributes wines and 42 Below vodka throughout America. 

In New Zealand he has owned and operated his own winery and been General Manager of Winesale (a web-based company selling 30 to 40,000 cases per year), and General Manager at Global Wines which distributes product nationwide.

He has in recent years been involved in a wide variety of consulting and managerial projects including business restructuring, process optimization, and helping prepare companies to go to market.

Michael joined ABC for two reasons; he believes he can help people realize their dream of owning a company and loves delivering results for both clients and customers.


His motto: To Listen, To Collaborate, To Achieve.

Location: Wellington

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