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About Angus

Throughout high school, university and most of his career, Angus has been working in or around the hospitality and liquor industry in one form or another. From serving coffee and pouring pints to representing some of the biggest alcohol companies in New Zealand, this experience has given Angus the knowledge and understanding on all aspects of the hospitality scene.

Angus’ interest in hospitality has lead him into broking as a way to continue the relationships he has built over the year and use his skills in a different way. From having worked in cafes and restaurants, to supplying them with the goods that make them run, he’s using this to help vendors through the sometimes-tough position of selling their business they’ve spent a long time perfecting.

Having built relationships throughout his career, Angus understands how important these are to create and maintain through any transactional process from the very beginning to post service care and communication. Angus isn’t afraid of asking the hard questions to get out what’s best for his buyers and sellers.

Angus understands that selling your business could be one of the biggest and most important things you do in your life. He’ll ensure the process is understood and explained along the way to make you feel at ease and to maximise a successful transaction for you.  

Location: Auckland

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