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Angela is a member of our Chinese team and has excellent customer service and negotiating skills and speaks both English and Mandarin.

About Angela

Angela has a background in the furniture industry and six years experience as a Sales Manager in China. In 2002, Angela arrived in New Zealand and since then has worked as a Marketing Manager in Ceres Limited for two years. 

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Angela Zhu ,2012年加盟ABC公司,积累了丰富的行业经验,她强大的责任心,丰富的专业经验,热情和高效的工作能力,以及细致耐心的服务品质,得到了很多买家和卖家朋友的肯定和认可。这些年,她协助过很多华人的新老移民,为他们在异国他乡创业,开拓一份事业,提供了很多宝贵的专业意见和买卖建议。2019 年Angela Zhu 荣获ABC Top Sales 奖。


"I am writing this letter to say a big thanks Angela Zhu who works at ABC as a business sales representative. She recently has helped us sell our two hospitality businesses. With her wide knowledge and experience, the sale process went smoothly.  She dealt with the purchaser and us as the vendor very professionally, explaining all the terms and conditions before we carried out any actions. As a client, we are very satisfied with her service. She has great communication and problem solving skills. Whenever we approached her for anything, she always replied in a quickly with solid useful information.  We would highly recommend her to all our friends and family who need help either selling or purchasing a business. Thank you very much again Angela."

Regards, Ada


"I was the owner of a fried chicken takeaway. As it was my first time operating a business, I encountered several obstacles. Due to the current economic environment down turn, I decided to sell the business. Angela as a business agent understood my needs. She worked very efficiently everyda,y bringing interested buyers to visit my shop and always followed up on time. I really appreciate her help and would definitely recommend her to my friends or anyone else who would benefit from her services."


Thanks, Sha


"My name is Maggie, the owner of Jingan Shanghai Restaurant. We highly recommend Angela Zhu for her excellent work and professional advice.

We really appreciate her suggestions which helped sell the business at our desired price. Angela is knowledgeable, friendly and hard working. Her professional manner, attitude and communication skills during the process has really impressed us.

I will definitely recommend Angela from ABC Business Sales to my friends."

我叫Maggie,静安上海餐厅的老板。我们极力推荐Angela Zhu出色的工作和专业的建议。

我们非常感谢她的建议,这些建议帮助我们以期望的价格出售了该生意。 Angela知识渊博,友好而努力。她在此过程中的专业态度,态度和沟通技巧给我们留下了深刻的印象。

我一定会将ABC Business Sales的Angela推荐给我的朋友。

Regards, Maggie


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Location: Auckland

Location: Chinese Team (华语团队)

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