Business Opportunities in Hawkes Bay and Gisborne:  A Path to Recovery

Business Opportunities in Hawkes Bay and Gisborne: A Path to Recovery


The recent cyclone has brought challenges to the Hawkes Bay and Gisborne regions, but the local communities are showing resilience and still attracting investors and business owners. The ABC Hawkes Bay office has had a successful first year, regardless of the challenging climate, facilitating significant transactions and gaining support from the community. Looking ahead, the medium-termoutlook is positive, with a predicted resurgence in demand and emerging business opportunities in the region.

Overcoming Challenges
Despite weather-related setbacks in the first half of 2023, Hawkes Bay and Gisborne are recovering well. The worst financial impacts have been absorbed, setting the stage for a rebound in demand in the second half of the year. This positive outlook is driving investor interest and attracting entrepreneurs.

Emerging Business Prospects
The "regional drift" phenomenon and the return of ex-pats are contributing to the growth of Hawkes Bay and Gisborne. These regions offer a better quality of life, affordable living, and increased job opportunities, making them attractive to individuals seeking change. Additionally,various industries, including tourism, agriculture, hospitality, construction, and creative industries,are experiencing a surge in business opportunities. These sectors are expected to drive sustained
growth and offer diverse prospects for investors and entrepreneurs.

Rise in Listings and Promising Prospects
In the coming months, there will be an increase in listings, providing promising prospects for buyers and sellers in the region. This rise in available businesses creates an ideal environment for owner-operators and investors to explore opportunities. The supportive local community further enhances the potential for success in Hawkes Bay and Gisborne.

"Seeing the remarkable resilience of the Hawkes Bay and Gisborne regions following the recentcyclone, we anticipate a strong resurgence in demand and abundant business opportunities in thecoming months." -
Guy Johnston, Managing Partner, ABC Business Sales.


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