ABC Waikato: Thriving Business Environment Across the Region

ABC Waikato: Thriving Business Environment Across the Region


With a diverse economy encompassing agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and education, the Waikato offers a fertile ground for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

As the leading business sales agency in the region, ABC Business Sales has been facilitating the buying and selling of small to medium-sized businesses since 2011. Our dedicated team of experienced brokers has guided over 400 business owners through successful exits while welcoming an equal number of new business owners into the vibrant Waikato market.


The Waikato region has experienced remarkable economic growth, with a robust GDP increase of 5.2% in 2022. This exceptional performance can be attributed to the thriving agricultural, manufacturing, logistics, and construction sectors. Moreover, the region has benefited from a strong housing market and a low unemployment rate, setting the stage for continued prosperity.


Looking ahead, the future of the Waikato region remains bright. Anticipated population growth and increased business activity are expected to fuel further development in 2023 and beyond. With its strategic location within the highly coveted "golden triangle" and the presence of prestigious universities and research institutions, the Waikato offers an ideal environment for business growth and innovation.


Greg Dunn and Scott Laurence, Hamilton ABC Managing Partners say:

"Beyond its economic prowess, the Waikato region also boasts an exceptional quality of life. The region's strong economy is complemented by a skilled workforce and an array of recreational opportunities, making it an attractive destination for both business and personal pursuits."



If you are seeking a region where you can confidently grow your business, the Waikato is the perfect choice. Partner with ABC Business Sales and leverage our expertise and extensive network to capitalize on the abundant opportunities available in this dynamic region.

Start your Waikato business journey today. Contact ABC Business Sales to discuss your aspirations, and let us guide you towards a successful venture in this thriving region.


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