ABC Manawatu: Achieving Record-Breaking Business Sales and Continued Growth

ABC Manawatu: Achieving Record-Breaking Business Sales and Continued Growth


The 2022 financial year marked a significant milestone for ABC Manawatu as we achieved our best performance on record. Our team experienced substantial growth, allowing us to successfully sell a record number of businesses spanning a wide range of values, from approximately $100k to over $8m. This accomplishment highlights our ability to excel in diverse industries and effectively cater to businesses with varying value.

Collaboration played a key role in our success, with numerous sales shared among our network of ABC brokers throughout New Zealand. With 70 brokers and 12 offices nationwide, we take pride in our ability to bring buyers and sellers together regardless of their location.

At ABC, we are fortunate to have specialized brokers in areas such as Childcare, Rest Homes, Corporate, and logistics. Leveraging their expertise and industry connections has proven instrumental in facilitating successful deals.

Looking ahead to the 2023 financial year, we acknowledge the inevitable challenges that come with any business landscape. However, our data indicates that business sales are not as profoundly impacted as the property market. While property sales and values may experience a downturn, our figures have remained stable.

 Furthermore, periods of recession and increased unemployment often lead to a surge in business inquiries, as individuals see the opportunity to become their own boss. Overall, we hold a positive outlook for the future. We have a promising lineup of high-quality listings poised to enter the market and have great expectations for the year ahead.


ABC Manawatu Managing Partner Steve Davey says:

"The Manawatu economy demonstrates resilience and is well-positioned for success. We embody the spirit of the turtle and the hare fable, recognizing that steady progress and unwavering dedication yield victory in the end. Our commitment to providing exceptional service and delivering successful outcomes sets us apart in the industry."


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