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About Yusuke

A natural-born entrepreneur and strategist, Yusuke launched his first business venture at the age of 15.

As a leader and innovator, Yusuke has carved his career by identifying business needs, creating solutions and orchestrating the mechanics to create several profitable businesses over the last 20 years.

Yusuke’s professional B2B and B2C market insights have earned him a solid reputation and he has mentored businesses helping them to attract new customers, grow their operations and sell on their businesses.

As a business consultant he’s sold, bought and traded businesses across different industries and throughout his business ownership career has accumulated a wealth of experience in conducting B2B sales.

Having successfully founded and run a digital marketing agency over the past 15+ years he has an in-depth understanding of the sales process, how to reach the target market and worked with over 500+ businesses to solve their unique challenges.

Yusuke’s extensive marketing and advertising expertise stands as a point of difference as a business broker, providing a significant advantage in attracting buyers, representing businesses, driving B2B sales negotiations and sealing the deal.

With sharp business acumen, Yusuke knows about building business from the ground-up and is attuned to recognising and communicating the value of a business opportunity. 

As a business broker, Yusuke has the skills to leverage the full market potential and is eager and ready to support you through a smooth transition of the sales or purchase process.

Qualifications: BSc (Tech) Science

Location: Auckland

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