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Wella is a member of our Chinese team and an expert salesperson and is highly experienced. She speaks both English and Mandarin.


About Wella

In 2001 Wella Wang immigrated to New Zealand from Beijing, China. She graduated from Beijing Institute of Chemical Fibre Technology and quickly showed a natural talent for business & sales by being selected by United Biscuits and Mead Johnson and making it to Regional Sales Manager for those companies where she gained 10 years of invaluable experience.

After immigrating to New Zealand, Wella continued her enthusiasm for sales and business by obtaining her real estate license where she excelled as a salesperson within the New Zealand property market for 10yrs. Wella is now in the perfect role with ABC to combine her sales and business skills for the benefit of all her clients. Wella works above and beyond for her vendors and as a result continues to achieve above market sales results.

Wella is an expert salesperson and is highly experienced and skillful at converting opportunities into completed sales via her robust communication techniques with vendors and purchasers. Wella maintains a leading edge for all her clients by using her extensive network of Asian buyers for the benefit of her vendors.

If you are looking to buy or sell your business, be sure to contact Business Broker, Wella Wang, you can always get an exceptional service from her.

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Wella Wang是ABC生意买卖华语团队中的一员,可用中英双语流畅对话,她也是一位拥有丰富经验的销售专家。

2001年,Wella Wang从北京移民新西兰。在移民新西兰之前,毕业于北京服装学院的Wella因展示出超强的生意和销售才华而被著名跨国公司United Biscuits和Mead Johnson一眼相中,作为区域销售经理,积累了超过10年的宝贵经验。

Location: Auckland

Location: Chinese Team (华语团队)

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