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Sindy Xiong is a member of our Chinese team. She has very rich sales experience and speaks both English and Mandarin.

About Sindy

After graduating from university, she worked in a global top-500 foreign-funded company and gained 8 years of sales experience. In 2009, she established her own company and as  General Manager was the head of the sales department. She arrived in New Zealand in early 2014 and was engaged in export sales of New Zealand food for 7 years.

Sindy has expert knowledge in marketing principles, sales strategy-making, market research methods and after-sales service.  She has excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills, which will certainly help you whether you wish to buy or sell a business.

Sindy Xiong是生意买卖华语团队中的一员,她有非常丰富的销售经验。

来新西兰前,她在中国任职一家全球500强的外资企业,拥有8年的销售经验。2009年成立了自己的公司,担任总经理,并主管销售部门。2014年初,Sindy Xiong移民新西兰。来新西兰以后,她一直从事新西兰食品的出口销售。她秉承诚信做人,踏实做事,这肯定能帮助想买生意或者卖生意的您。

Location: Auckland

Location: Chinese Team (华语团队)

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