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About Jacinta

Jacinta has a comprehensive background in hospitality, business and education and is well connected within the Wellington hospitality space. She has owned and run several enterprises including a Restaurant/Bar, IT Solutions, and Corporate Catering and has worked in NZ and overseas in a variety of hospitality settings. 

She understands the hard work, discipline and commitment required in running a business and appreciates that selling your asset is a complex and sensitive undertaking.  Buying a business can also be exciting yet daunting, and both these processes benefit from a diligent, pragmatic and flexible approach that reflects the uniqueness of each venture. 

Jacinta is a warm, open and motivated individual who enjoys interacting with people. Honest, reliable and hardworking, she is service focussed and goal and delivery oriented.
Since joining the ABC Business team Jacinta is dedicating her passion for business by helping and guiding others to achieve a win-win objective.

Location: Wellington

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