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Benson is a member of our Chinese team and speaks both English and Mandarin.


About Benson

Benson has a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry. Being a professional chef, and setting up his own businesses has provided him with the insight and understanding needed to help you along on your journey to either buy or sell a business, with vendor/purchaser satisfaction as the ultimate goal.

Benson is fully aware of the operating systems that will ensure a business succeeds and also has finance experience to filter through such systems. This provides confidence for both parties that any transaction will be prepared with these in mind. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a hospitality business, Benson will guide you through the process, producing the best result possible.

WeChat: bensonxinyin

Benson Yin是ABC生意买卖华语团队中的一员,中英文流利。他在服务业有丰富的经验,十余年从各个相关岗位的工作经历到建立起自己餐厅,餐会公司,并多次参与了国内商业餐饮项目策划的个人经历,让他有了对这一行业的深度理解。因此如果你需要购买或出售生意, 他都能给你很多专业的建议,来帮助您达到满意的结果。

Location: Auckland

Location: Chinese Team (华语团队)

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