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Does Your Business Think Digital?

As a kid, my favourite possession was an old VHS copy of Star Wars that I’d play back-to-back every Saturday for as long as I could get away with. Truth be told, it was the only video I owned at the time. But when DVD arrived with its higher quality, better usability, and easier distribution, video rental stores multiplied, and my once restricted choice of Star Wars turned into a world of choices (unless they were already rented out).

But where are all those video rental stores now?

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Sport & Business: Managing Reputations

Volom Marketer Hugh Henderson looks at a commom vulnerability of sport and business - a vulnerability to reputational damage.

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Is DIY Marketing holding back your business?

I am amazed by the number of business owners I meet that treat marketing as a DIY hobby within their business. This point was bought home to me recently by a business owner who said "I tried radio and TV and it doesn't work".

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Fly Fishing and Marketing

Should you categorise marketing and fly fishing as art, science or a combination of both?  

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Marketing - The Importance of Branding

Some may say, “I’ve got a logo – that’s my branding sorted”. But branding is about so much more than a logo – essentially it represents the experience your customers have when they interact with you and your products or services and conveys your ‘promise’ to them of what to expect when they transact with you.

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How to ensure your Marketing is Effective

All businesses at some point in time undertake marketing to help grow their business. While most people think automatically of advertising when they think of marketing, marketing can take on a wide number of forms from online activity to networking to producing brochures to market research and ensuring customer satisfaction. No matter what the marketing activity you are about to undertake there are some basic prinicples you should adopt to ensure any marketing activity is successful.

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Need a Marketing Plan and not sure where to start?

You’ve done your due diligence and completed the purchase of your new business. Now you’re keen to start realising all that potential you’ve identified through the purchase process. Or maybe you’ve decided on your exit strategy and want to position your business for sale in a year or two. These are two quite different scenarios that call for a similar response - making a plan to achieve the goal or goals you’ve set for yourself.

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5 Reasons Why the Customer is King

This is dedicated to the customer; 5 reasons why they are king and why they should always remain firmly in your focus with any marketing activity you’re undertaking. 

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Relationship Marketing 101

As a business owner, do you feel you connect with your customers regularly? And if so, how? Do you have a process in place or does it only happen in the quieter spells?

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7 Tips for Digital Marketing

As consumers increasingly move online to shop, companies need to look at how they best communicate the value of their products and services in the digital space.

Blogs, Twitter, websites, Facebook campaigns, Google+, email marketing – there’s a lot to consider, and it can be a daunting prospect. The best way to become a digital marketing expert is to start practicing marketing on a small scale. So here’s what you really need to know about digital marketing for your business.

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Why everyone needs a Marketing Plan

There are many aspects to marketing – not just advertising. Branding, customer service and internal communication are all in addition to the basic 4 P’s of marketing (product, price, promotion, place).

Of course you don’t just have to consider your physical presence, but your online one too. How easy are you to find? Can your customers find what they’re looking for on your website? Can they transact with you easily online? What are your service levels like online? How quickly can and will you respond to enquiries? With all these aspects to consider the most important place to start is with a plan!

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