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The NRC Cost Model Tool: Questions About Your Future Business Answered

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If you’re thinking of buying a trucking business, be it a single vehicle or fleet, becoming a National Road Carriers (NRC) member can give you all the pre-purchase guidance you need to make a good decision. The NRC Cost Model Tool is New Zealand's most up-to-date, predictive cost model program for commercial motor vehicles.  

The NRC Cost Model Tool can predict the annual cost of any sized transport business up to 12 months in advance, so you can purchase your new trucking business confident of its viability based on hard data. You can also see the impact different scenarios might have on your operating costs. NRC’s Cost Model Tool is recognised by several major finance companies, as well as many larger contracting companies.

The NRC Cost Model Tool works by processing the information you input into a report, featuring easy-to-read graphs enabling you to see results at a glance. Detailed figures for more in-depth analysis are also included.

Like any predictive tool, the cost model is as good as the information you provide. The more accurate that information, the more useful the subsequent report will be. In most instances, filling this information takes just 10 minutes. Your report will then be available within two business days.

NRC is on an environmental and sustainability drive, and the upgraded Cost Model – coming soon – will include an emissions calculator for the vehicles modeled.

The Cost Model is free to National Road Carriers members. For non-members, a charge of $135 per report applies for the first unit or combination, and $27.50 for each subsequent unit/combination report or work scenario.

With over 80 years of history, National Road Carriers provides professional support for those who choose to make a living in the road transport industry, through advocacy, representation and advice.

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