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Provisional Tax Changes: What You Need To Know

The provisional tax landscape is about to get much better for businesses after the government announced a string of changes as part of Inland Revenue’s business transformation programme that will reduce time and compliance costs.

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The Art of Cashflow

The art of managing cash flow is often something that seems straight forward or easy to plan on paper – but quite different in reality. Organisations both large and small will attest; success often comes the hard way, with the need for years of experience within your business or industry. Haven Chartered Accountants discuss, that to be successful it means the correct organisation and planning.

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Sale and Purchase of a Business

Josh Garnett, Partner at Whaley Garnett, gives an introduction to the agreement for sale and purchase for those who could soon see themselves as proud buyers or sellers of a business. Knowing what to expect from an agreement is key to reducing and managing time, money and effort. 

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Leases: First Right of Refusal 

A first right of refusal is a clause that is sometimes negotiated into a lease. It is always a good thing for a tenant to have, and typically a hindrance on the landlord. Partner at Whaley Garnett , Joshua Garnett discusses situations where a first right of refusal should be considered by both parties.

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The Tools You Need For Tax Time

At some stage in your working life you have heard the phrase “a good workman never blames his tools”. Whether you believe in this or not, what cannot be challenged is that with the right tools, your job or role can become more straight forward and stress free than ever before – be it a home DIY project, fixing your car or your business’s accounting system. 

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Another Solution to Your Cashflow Worries

Is your provisional tax payment starting to weigh heavily on your mind? In this Q&A, we explain how a service from tax pooling intermediary Tax Management NZ can help alleviate the pressure an upcoming income tax payment can have on cashflow.

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How to Pay Provisional Tax When it Suits You

Many businesses would have paid their first instalment of provisional tax for the tax year in August, but what they probably did not know is there is a way which lets them choose when they want to pay.

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Structure: The Building Blocks for the Future

For anyone who has had the adventure of building their own home, you can empathise that it can be one of the most stressful, but rewarding experiences of a person’s life. Tradespeople having conversations about foundations, pillars, or beams can be somewhat perplexing for anyone, as most of us will admit to being happier picking the colour of the carpet and style of shower nozzle we desire. It is the structural decisions made by those porfessionals that will keep you and your family safe and secure. It is much the same way when you establish and structure your own business.

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Franchising: Make Sure You Are Getting What You Expect

This is a cautionary tale. It highlights the importance of doing your homework, seeking advice and not taking everything at face value. 

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Look Past the Financials

We work with business owners and potential business owners every single day. We live, sleep and breathe business. We are passionate about business and feel privileged to work alongside both buyers and sellers during this life-changing journey.

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Do I Need a Shareholders Agreement?

This is a common question for people going into a business for the first time under the umbrella of a company. A shareholders’ agreement is rarely a bad idea. They should be considered in all situations where there are two or more shareholders. To understand why, it is helpful to understand the concept of a shareholders’ agreement and the sort of things it can cover. 

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Generosity – Do It Deliberately

We’re privileged that business owners regularly trust us with their financials information. It provides us with a fantastic vantage point for seeing what different businesses do and how they make money.

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New Flexible Way to Pay Income Tax

Businesses wanting to ease the burden income tax payments have on cashflow and have greater flexibility around their payments now have another way to pay.

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Health and Safety in the Bay of Plenty

I’m hearing stories of workplace safety audits – some stories sound ok, some a bit frustrating… and others catastrophic. These stories are only likely to become more prevalent as the safety requirements become more strenuous and enforced more rigorously.

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The Bank of Family & Friends

Deciding to purchase your own business is a decision that encircles your support network of your family and friends.

There are many advantages to owning your own business; it effectively affords the lifestyle you are after, and puts you in the drivers seat. What often does not fit into this perfect equation is the required funds to purchase the business; there is a shortfall. Approaching a formal lender is generally the first option in acquiring the necessary capital. 

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