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Keys to Business Success in 2016

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Looking ahead to the New Year is the perfect time to reflect on your achievements and take a fresh look at your business. Evaluating your business as you look ahead to 2016 and looking strategically at your successes, and areas that need re-evaluating, is the best way to plan for what your successes will look like for 2016.

Clearly Defined Goals

Although your idea of success may be different to others, the key is to start your year off with some clearly defined goals and monitor your progress throughout 2016. Goran’s SMART goals, widely used by Management Consultant Peter Drucker, help to clearly define meaningful objectives and put measures in place, as well as adding the quota of time to help organise your energies around a goal.

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Revisit your business plan and your vision for the company. Are these aligned and intrinsic to one another? Are these relevant to what you have already achieved and are there new opportunities? Create your plan that will give focus to your goals while you’re busy with the day to day running of your business.

The Community Mentor

Investing time consulting with the participants in your succession plan such as your customers and clients is an effective way to help with evaluating how realistic your goals are. The industry wide benchmark, the NetPromoter Score, asks how likely your customers are to recommend you to others and helps to quantify the perception and experience your business provides.

Your team is another participant that plays an active role in your day to day enjoyment of your success. Measuring the culture of the business, i.e. how likely your staff are to recommend your business as a place to work, amplifies the degree to which your staff are motivated to succeed. Sharing your plan for the company that they call home each day from 9-5 inspires others to achieve your vision and helps to provide confidence that your plan is sound.

'Gangbusters’ Marketing

If your staff and your customers are creating positive word of mouth, in what other channels is your voice being heard? Is social media working for you? And how is traffic being driven to your website? Insights from analytics have a lot to share in terms of the adage “How did you hear about us?” and where you can plan to dedicate more resources to making sure more people hear, and feel the same way.

Planning for your success is a journey you can measure. Key to creating a culture for success is celebrating your achievements, in every shape and form. Remaining agile and innovating your plan to encompass the needs of your business to encourage success can be as simple as starting with defining what success means to you.

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